Too Much Of Social Media, Know When To Stop

It is paradoxical itself that as someone who works in a digital agency, who strives and thrives on Social Media, is today talking about something which has been observed to affect people, millennials, mostly. Mental health, in all its capacity belongs to each one of us and sometimes it is us – the professionals – who get carried away to an extent that we end up blurring the boundaries. As simple as it may sound, it is difficult – We don’t understand when to stop.

So, here is the thing, as you read the article, it may seem as if I am talking to you, but in reality, I am talking to myself. It is an amateur attempt to pen my thoughts for all of us, as we confront our battles with Social Media.

Addiction to the internet and social media is known to affect approximately 210 million people worldwide. While, not everyone scrolls for hours, shares a thing or two, but the question almost everyone has is about how many of us know where to stop? When to drop the phone and ‘Mentally Log Off’ from the applications?

Wondering what impact it would have on us? Read this – a compiled list of 5 alarming signs that are the real-time red flags. If you have these, consider logging off!

  1. Mindless Scrolling – Yes, Guilty! Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, we often end up scrolling mindlessly. It was 8:30 pm the last time you checked and *baam!* suddenly you are scrolling for last 2 hours. At times, it may require you to take a conscious effort of throwing your phone (quite literally) and moving away from it as much as you can. Believe me – there is a ‘social bomb’ in it.
  2. Impatience – Guilty, yet again? Yes. Social Media makes you impatient. If you find yourself being a little more aggressive and impatient lately, it could be because you are spending way more time on the platforms and application, giving in to your low attention span & adding up to the irritation levels.
  3. Lack of free time – If you feel you don’t have enough time to do things that you love yet, you have all the time in life to scroll then it is only on a NO INTERNET DAY you will realise a lot of your time is wasted on social media. The same amount of time can be contributed to relaxation as well as productivity. Try it out yourself.
  4. Hyperactive on social media platforms – On a brighter note, it is not wrong to follow trends or post random stories on your accounts. After all, social media is meant to be a platform of expression. However, the problem arises when these activities become an unspoken obligation. Read the sign – if this is the case with you, you are going the wrong way!
  5. There is ‘NO’ life beyond – If being active on social media is what you do while doing anything else and if it feels that there is no life beyond those tiny icons and endless scrolls, it is time to minimise the usage (or take a break) for as long as you can.

Though I’m not qualified to counsel anyone on the psychological effect social media could have on our lives, I, as naïve as I can be, shall always advocate the fact that social media is a great tool to voice your opinions, build a brand, bring out your art, express your sentiments and a lot more. However, too much of anything is dangerous.

While keeping away from social media for professionals like us might be difficult but it is not impossible. Limit of usage to office hours and have a no internet day at least once a week. Every time you consciously catch yourself ‘mindlessly’ scrolling, realise that it is time to cut it off, then and there.

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