Revamping the Sales Process on Digital

Establishing a powerful digital presence for Hallmark Honda to drive online sales demand has been an exciting and transformative project which eventually got us Royal Enfield. Our comprehensive strategy began with a complete revamp of the landing pages for both Honda and Royal Enfield, hosted at and The redesign focused on enhancing page speed, maintaining strong brand identity, and adopting a sleek, modern design approach to ensure an engaging user experience.

To complement the new websites, we launched targeted Google Search campaigns in July, which yielded remarkable results. In just the first two months, over 50 bookings were secured for Honda, while Royal Enfield received more than 50 inquiries within the first month of going live. This impressive performance was achieved through meticulous campaign optimization, which reached an astounding 80% efficiency, all within a limited budget. Our strategic efforts successfully outperformed established competitors like Arya and Viva, securing top positions on the first page of search results.

Through these efforts, Hallmark Honda has significantly boosted its online sales demand, leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies and robust campaign management to stay ahead in a competitive market.