Live Streaming the Launch of the first Mumbai-Goa Cruise

The launch of the Angriya cruise, a historic milestone as India’s first domestic cruise, was a spectacular event meticulously captured through simultaneous live sessions. Our team executed an intricate setup involving live streaming, video recording, and vlogging to ensure every moment of this grand occasion was broadcasted seamlessly. Utilizing a multi-camera arrangement with jimmy-jibs and drones, various teams were strategically positioned at different checkpoints to cover the event from all angles. Despite the challenging terrain and connectivity issues at the port, we established a robust wifi-base station to guarantee smooth live coverage on Facebook and YouTube.

The event was graced by high-profile dignitaries, including the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, adding to the complexity and prestige of the occasion. Our team’s exceptional coordination and skill were on full display, ensuring not a single moment was missed amidst the high movement of dignitaries. The culmination of our efforts resulted in a flawless broadcast that captivated over 150,000 live viewers, who joined online to witness the launch of Angriya. This event not only demonstrated our technical prowess but also underscored the power of teamwork and innovation in overcoming significant logistical challenges.

Penn Center

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