Is Advertising dead or transforming?

Today, the journey of the advertising sector has arrived at a milestone called ‘the digital age’. If content is serving as the engine, the internet has become the new oil, as both these elements are working in tandem, to help the advertising sector gain more mileage.

Traditions are a favourite aspect of our lives, and we always prefer adding our spin to it. This has been granted to us due to the existence of several platforms which, over the time, have provided advertisers and marketeers with many avenues to utilize their content wisely.Every state in India has its own peculiar preference of content, and ‘our people’ consume it in different manners. While traditional advertising and marketing are still present, what was ought to change, has changed.

With the emergence of crowdfunding platforms, both artistes and people can contribute their work giving the audience a choice to watch, consider and appreciate. This medium has caused the patronage system for artists to resurface.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when all forms of business and interaction are speaking the digital language, crowdfunding helps to bridge the gap between content creators and their target audience.

Such platforms encourage the expression of an uninterrupted flow of thoughts leading to creativity blooming at its best. The digital age has not only impacted our lives positively but has also helped brands understand their target audience and deliver services to them accordingly, using personalized communication as an asset. Various verticals within the traditional advertising space are evolving to better productivity and obtain quantified results into the space of digital marketing and advertising.

One of the fascinating examples is the gradual merging of PublicRelations (PR) with SEO. PR associates credibility with a brand.Coupled with this, bankable relationships with key publications can help this get a substantial digital footprint which eventually helps strengthen SEO.

As we delve deeper to explore more facets of advertising, one understands that is not just about the agency, it is about the platforms, creators etc. which caters to the needs of the audience. Brands are at a point where understanding the dynamicism of the platform they are advertising on, is key

Hence, I believe that there is no ‘one way’ to do things. But, there are only the ‘right ways’ to do things.

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