Ace at B2C Marketing on Twitter in 5 Easy Steps

Founded in 2006 in California, Twitter took no time to become a new-age social media platform globally. It is a social media platform that literally follows – “Less is more” concept and hence gives you a distinct number of characters that you can utilize to make a point or an opinion.

Statistically speaking, across the globe there are 92% companies that ardently use twitter and post more than once a day. According to the an average twitter user follows at least 5 brands!

It goes without saying that twitter can turn out to be an efficient marketing tool if it is wisely put to use. Here are the 5 easy steps that each brand can follow and ace the game of B2C marketing on twitter.

  1. Find the influencers –  There are multiple ways in which a brand can find influencers who are aligned to the same subject of interest. However, instead of bombarding them with the product details focus on organically engaging. Retweet their tweets and leave relevant comments. Tag them in the posts that seem relevant and converse. This helps your brand to get noticed.
  2. Answer Queries – Customer service interactions are increasing on Twitter. In fact, this study by Social Bakers found that more than 80% of customer service requests on social media is happening on Twitter. Whether it is simple feedback, query or grievances – address them always.
  3. Brand Persona – Brands often fail to understand the importance of showcasing their personality through their tweets. Twitter is a platform where opinions are thrown and thought upon. As a brand, one must not shy away from owning a brand voice as it adds to the authenticity of the brand.
  4. Get Employees Involved – Have a task force dedicatedly on twitter to constantly tweet about the brand or tag the brand in relevant topics. Steering these initial conversations in-house might look futile to you but outsiders cannot really spot the difference. Remember, the snowball effect is real!
  5. Traffic to Website – It is good if your tweets are SEO friendly but it is great if you are mentioning your website in 80% of your tweets at least. Make it a point to drive the traffic towards your website.

With a couple of trial and errors, eventually, the brand would be able to crack the sweet spot but until then implement these tips in your content marketing on twitter. It is advisable to tweet at least 4 times a day, on the days when you have nothing extra to add find a relevant tweet and retweet it. Consistency is the key.

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