Facebook Changes…

From year to year Facebook had made changes like News Feed, Ticker, SmartLists, The Subscribe Button,Timeline  and much more. Facebook has done many changes in information and the latest one is that they have shifted ‘schedule now’ option to business manager.

Now you will have to go all the way in business manager to schedule a post. The change may take some time for users to get habituated.

The officials at Facebook office quote “Facebook feels that content in these sections is already there in other forms on business page”. If sources are to be believed we all have received a warning from Facebook about changes in business page.

Let us have a look at the upcoming changes that may happen in the coming months

1-A Totally New Facebook Logo and Redesign

This is the most awaited and most crucial change of 2019 since this change can make a lot of difference in the total look and feel of Facebook. As per the update Facebook’s blue colour design may turn into sleek white while the page screen will totally get revamped.

Moreover, “app real estate”will be added in New design to features like Groups and private messaging.After this change we can see that Communities and Group pages will be more prominent in the app. Due to this change others can post easily and this can increase the engagement rate

For business page this might be a big news! It may make an impact on engagement of business page as it will lead to expansion of the audience leading to an organic growth of the page.

2- Facebook Messenger may get upgraded

After these changes we can see theFacebook stories will be on priority in app design.

It is kind of similar to Instagram stories close friends feature.

Conclusion:  Facebook is coming with all new setup to increase more organic audience and to increase engagement. New design, new colour, messenger these all things are going to matter the most.change in schedule option will not affect that much. It will be interesting to see will users accept these changes? and what difference it will make in 2019 year.


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